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Republicans Overseas France and Republicans Overseas Worldwide will organize the first Worldwide Freedom Initiative (WFI) on November 10, 2023 in the heart of Paris, France that will be like no other conference in Europe. We will have the great honor to host dignitaries from the USA, Europe and other continents.

WFI has the basic goal of bringing the world’s like-minded conservative, patriotic and center right leaders from across the political spectrum together to create strong and lasting ties, define common priorities of national interest, find areas for bilateral and multilateral cooperation, learn from each other’s experiences, engage in frank and constructive exchanges, and facilitate fact-finding initiatives between nations’ political leaders.

What We Do

Welcome to An Inspirational Summit

As citizens and organizations concerned about your country’s current state of affairs, WFI believes no person should stand idly as the future unfolds and invites you to join us and our US Republican Senators, Congressmen, Governors, former Trump government officials, Republican National Committee Members, high profile conservative, center right and elected officials (including Ministers, Members of Parliament), political and thought leaders, journalists and think tank policy experts from the USA, Europe and across the world.

For its inaugural year, WFI will focus on a variety of themes that include: (1) Free Speech, Censorship and Lawfare; (2) Globalism : Dangers of Economic Decline, Myths of the Green Deal and Alternative Visions for a Better Future; (3) Strategies to Set Up a Winning Election Campaign : Trump’s 2016 Campaign Managers Secrets, Social Media and Governmental Interference : the Future of Elections; (4) Illegal Immigration & Border Security; (5) Wokism under all its Facets and How to Reverse the Trend.  

In a short time, we are proud to announce that WFI has sparked interest across the globe and received a wide range of support.

Within months of its announcement, numerous former and current Ministers, Senators and Congressmen, Members of the European and National Parliaments and other elected officials representing USA, Canada, Germany, France, Morocco, Italy, Austria, Albania, Denmark, Romania, Finland, Czech Republic and Greece have all confirmed their interest to participate and speak at the WFI.

The Worldwide Freedom Initiative is co-founded by Randy Yaloz, Solomon Yue and Kerry McQuisten and is thankful to the Republican Overseas chapter leaders for making this event a success.  


Born in New York, Randy Yaloz moves to France in 1995 and becomes a famous intellectual property and international attorney in Paris. In 2018, he joins Republicans Overseas France and is elected President in 2020.

  • Raised in a Republican family, Randy has always stood for conservative values such as the preservation of individual liberties and the nation’s historical and cultural heritage, family, limited government, peace through strength, strong work ethic, respect of human dignity and the pursuit of higher education and prosperity;
  • Randy is a remarkable GOP spokesman in France and Europe and is regularly invited on French and European media;
  • As Deputy General Counsel for Republicans Overseas, Randy co-drafted with Solomon Yue, CEO of Republicans Overseas and Oregon Republican National Committeeman, a RNC resolution holding Communist China accountable for Covid-19 that was adopted on January 21, 2022;
  • In February 2022, Randy organized a meeting between President Trump and a prominent French politician;

That same year, Randy attends the RNC Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah and convinces top GOP leaders of his vision for the Republican Party abroad to federate center-right, conservative and patriotic political, business and think leaders and influential journalists across the world. The Worldwide Freedom Initiative is born! Months later, Randy gains the support of major European media and political actors for the launch of the inaugural Worldwide Freedom Initiative International Conference in Paris, France in November 2023.

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We still have many surprises lined up and will offer you an outstanding array of guests and speakers to talk about today’s challenges and tomorrow’s solutions.